3 Cut-Throat Driving Games Tactics That Never Fails

3 Cut-Throat Driving Games Tactics That Never Fails

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Coming in two different configurations, the Xbox 360 is one of the best selling home entertainment consoles in the market today. The basic version serves many people well, giving them basic functionality such as the ability to play some of the most popular games on the market and wireless capabilities.

However, many people would prefer to have advanced features to allow them to do more with their console. For a slightly higher price tag, you can have an Xbox 360 Premium which comes bundled with lots of great enhancements and features.

Headsets and Hard Drives

The Xbox 360 Premium comes with many enhancements and bundled accessories over the standard edition. Perhaps the biggest improvement that many gamers enjoy is the inclusion of an internal hard drive so that they can store data files natively on their Xbox 360 console. With this hard drive, you can acquire downloadable content which improves and expands existing games while giving you more accessibility to patches and updates. However, you can also buy an external hard drive for your Xbox 360 Premium for additional storage space, but it's unlikely that you'll ever need one.

Also, the Xbox 360 Premium comes with a headset, so you can jump right onto Microsoft's popular online service, Xbox Live (which comes with a free silver membership!), and start chatting with players around the world. This headset is one of the most popular on the market and will serve you well as you jump into the Xbox 360's lively online environment. However, the Xbox 360 Premium comes with several additional benefits beyond all of this. You'll also get a network cable to hook your Xbox 360 console up to your modem or router and cables to transmit an HD signal to your television. Not only that, but the Xbox 360 Premium also comes with backwards compatibility, so you'll be able to play over 300 original Xbox titles on your Xbox 360.

With all of these additional benefits, the Xbox 360 Premium bundles enough accessories, equipment, and additional functionality to make it so that you would actually save money by buying the bundle instead of buying a standard Xbox 360, which would not even come with backwards compatibility. However by spending a little more, you get an internal hard drive, headset, network cable, HD cables, and backwards compatibility. With all of these great features and additions, most people have shown that they prefer the Xbox 360 Premium to its lightweight cousin.